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Chapter 304. Lilith (4)

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Chapter 304. Lilith (4)[You... You can really withstand me.]I could immediately tell from her voice that she was stupefied. Looking at her, I grinned.Death Collection.Immediately, black mist was released from my body. Lilith was wearing a thin, see-through dress that even a nail, much less a cursed weapon, could tear, but she only watched the weapons pop out of the mist with great interest. Her moist lips slowly opened, and her sweet voice tickled my ears once again.[How can you point a weapon towards me?]Die![I am Dortu. Reinforcing all weapons.]Dortu infused his power into all the weapons coming out of the mist, and in the next instant, they flew towards Lilith faster than bullets. Truly numerous weapons cut through the air only to tear apart one frail woman![You’ll really stab me?]She shouted without thinking to dodge. I sneered. I could attack her. No matter how high her charm was compared to mine, with Absolute Soul and Peruta Circuit strengthening my resolve, she could do nothing against my sturdy willpower. No matter how much she pleaded, there was no way... no way...[Huhu, that’s what I thought.]What... is this...?I murmured dumbfoundedly. Anyone would do the same. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing with my eyes.[There, there. You’re all too kind.]Death Collection’s weapons, created through rage and resentment and existing only to kill their target, were stopping in the air one by one. A few of them even began to spin around Lilith as if to act as her guard.Unable to believe what was going on, I murmured.Did you... just charm inanimate objects?[Huhu, smart. I really like you.]Lilith sent me an alluring smile. It was as it she had expected my reaction.[I am Dortu. Protecting Master.]Dortu sounded hurried. Immediately afterwards, most of the weapons that popped out of the mist turned the opposite way and began hurling towards me. Dortu gave up controlling them and began to control the few that remained unaffected by Lilith.Iiiik, I use this skill for the first time and I’m the one it’s attacking!? The hell?[I am Dortu. Protecting Master’s feelings.]Dortu’s power was truly immeasurable. Without me doing anything, Dortu controlled his weapons to counter and destroy the attacking weapons. Once broken, the weapons turned to a tar-like liquid and disappeared into the mist. However, Dortu’s weapons only protected me as they revolved around me. They didn’t think to attack Lilith again.It seemed Lilith realized something as she watched the weapons’ movements.[Oh, is that your power? Or... Could there be another elemental that I’m not aware of?]How can you seduce inanimate objects?I couldn’t help but ask. I knew that now wasn’t the time, but it was just too shocking. No matter how high her charm was, charm referred to the external influence one person had towards another. From one living being to another.But Lilith had seduced weapons, whose only purpose was to kill their enemy. I couldn’t understand her power at all. Doing so would be equivalent to arguing that a line was a polygon.[Honey, do you know what my name means?]Your name?On Earth, Lilith was the first wife of Adam, who rejected him and even God to enter a relationship with a devil.Not only was this untrustworthy, but the story has also changed throughout the years. Now, Lilith was generally thought of as a high ranking female devil who was similar to a succubus.Lilith spoke.[Huhu, Lilith refers to the most charming woman in the world.]That’s in your world.[Right, this is in my world. Lilith isn’t a name, but a title. A title of honor, given to the most charming woman in the world.]She extended her hand towards me and smiled sweetly.[Out of the countless Mares in Enesis, I was the most beautiful and charming. Do you know what the word most means amongst devils?]Does it look like I do?[Huhu, you really are funny.]As I retorted curtly, I inwardly asked Dortu how many equipment he could protect from that damned woman’s influence.Dortu replied.[I am Dortu. Between Master’s spear and armor, one must be abandoned.]Immediately, I turned my armor back into a bracelet. When I suddenly became naked with only my underwear, Lilith’s smile instantly became fuller.[Now this is nice to see. You changed your mind? Good, come here. We don’t need to fight. We can do more exciting things. Put away your spear too. Huhu... You have an excellent weapon elsewhere.]Please, you should know why I took my armor off.I snorted and drew Lightning God’s power into Chaotic Spear. Peika hummed cheerfully and increased its power. The enriched power of lightning easily took form, crackling with fiery sparks.[Huhu. You say that, but in the end, you won’t be able to escape my charm. I’m Lilith. I have the power to seduce everything in the world. Everything... except a few women.]The Hero that defeated you...[Right, the Hero was female. But even she was hesitant to kill me, and in the end, I was captured by Lord and ended up here.]What an idiot, that Hero.[You’re right, but she tried her best. Maybe the other warriors all gave their courage to her, because other than her, no one could do anything against me, especially male warriors.]Lilith began to snicker. She reached out her hand towards me and spoke.[Those guys who were so hell-bent on trying to kill me... When my hand touched them...]Her hand softly wafted through the air. It was as if she was stroking my face, an alluring motion that wanted to make me hers.[They happily gave their life for me. Aaah, they were so boring. Really, too boring.]But didn’t they kill the succubi and incubi under your command to their hearts’ content?[Huhu, that’s because I had to wait a long time since the start of the invasion for the pathway to Elesia to be widened enough. But how did you know about... Oh, do you perhaps have a Succubus Queen with you?]My heart dropped a beat. I didn’t think she would see through me that much. But perhaps, this was a blessing in disguise. Lilith’s expression turned ferocious. It was the first time I saw her with such a face since I met her.[You have that despicable brat with you, that pink-haired bitch. So that thing was right. While I lost and stayed trapped in here for countless years, she found herself a new master and went to another world! Hahahahaha!]Lilith laughed out loud. Her laughter was full of rage. Soon after she started laughing, she suddenly stopped and spoke as she stared at me.[Sweet child, stay with me. Cut off your contract with her. Stay with me here forever. No one can disturb us here.]She continued. Her eyes shone like jewels, seducing me.[I can give you everything other than freedom. Do you know the ecstasy a woman’s body can give you? If you embrace me, no other woman will be able to satisfy you. Food? Here, I am no different than the Creation God. Anything you want to eat, anything you want to drink, I can make it all. Battle? World’s enemy? None of that’s important. I’m being serious.]Her power, her fragrance became stronger. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t at her limit. The power of seduction I believed I warded off came back stronger than ever. There was no room for doubt. This was the real her, the real Lilith.[Nothing’s more important than pleasure. Be with me. I can let you taste pleasure incomparable to the girl you took in.]Here, forever with you...?[Yes, with me for all eternity.]Her words made me quiver. She didn’t possess absolute military force or unrelenting magic power. All she had was a terrifying charm. With this power of charm, she could seduce inanimate objects and create miracles.Absurd. Too absurd! Sherafina... Just what was she thinking, trapping her in Beyond’s 35th floor!? She was on a completely different league than Crimson Hell. Crimson Hell could at resist me physically, but Lilith...[Critical Hit!][Kyaaaaaaaaak!]A horrible shriek rang out in the palace. At the same time, the chains holding Lilith’s chair finally broke off from chaos flames’ continued blaze, and the chair plummeted to the ground.Lilith screamed with her hands on her face as she helplessly fell to the ground with her chair. I immediately shot my spear towards her, but the chains on the chair surprisingly came together and blocked my spear.For mere chains, they were incredibly tough, stopping my follow up attack and preventing me from further injuring Lilith. In truth, this was also partly because I couldn’t use my full strength as I was trouble moving my body.[How... How...!]Lilith staggered up. Her face was covered in blood. She was covering one side of her face with her hand, and I knew very well why.Crimson Hell could resist me physically...I barely held up my body trembling from her charm and retrieved the spear I shot at her face. At the end of the spear blade was her skewered eye.But you really only have charm. What a letdown.I pulled out her eye and squeezed it. The jewel-like eye exploded, and the power within it began to flow into me.[You... How, you’re a man! You’re a man!]Mm, now that you’re one-eyed, you’re not half bad!I smiled sweetly. Because I stole some of her power of charm, Lilith didn’t look so fearsome and lovable anymore.In fact, looking at Lilith, whose magic power was leaking out in buckets, my fighting spirit was soaring. What a proper warrior should have was now standing tall.[If that’s your wish, I’ll kill you...! I’ll kill you and erase that girl’s existence too!]Didn’t I say it at the start? Fight me.I retorted lightly. When Lilith rolled her foot, her magic power spread out through the entire palace, and the dozens of golden statues that seemed to just be decorations began to move. Her god-like charm could even dominate inanimate objects. These golden statues were here to serve as her loyal soldiers.Great, now let’s have some fun!Wearing nothing but my underwear, I held my spear up and grinned confidently.Then, I charged forward.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to