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Chapter 336. Final Wave (6)

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Chapter 336. Final Wave (6)[This is the map provided by Revival’s guild master, Kang Shin. He predicts 60% of Earth will become the target of what he calls land transmittance. These areas are the areas that have yet to be affected by gates.][Governments across the globe are preparing to relocate their citizens to safe areas. The Korean government submitted a formal request to Revival, but Revival’s guild master has declined the request and is now working to sweep the currently remaining monster territories.]Two weeks after my announcement, I was the only news topic no matter which news media I looked.60% of Earth becoming a danger zone sounds absurd even to me, but everyone was taking my words as the absolute truth. I couldn’t help but find the feeling scary.[A footage of Revival’s guild master clearing a monster territory has gone viral. I have also taken a look, and I can only call it incredible. We’ve brought a guest analyst to break down the video. Selected by Mr. Kang Shin himself to become a dungeon explorer, it’s Korea’s ability user, Mr. Choi Yul.][Hello, it’s nice to be here. First, I can hardly be called an analyst. No ability user on Earth should be capable of analyzing his power.]Next to the host was one of the first ability users to become an explorer. Instead of climbing the dungeon like he’s supposed to, it seemed he accepted a news cover offer. Pointing to the video footage playing on the corner of the screen, he explained.[Can you see them? Those metallic fragments in the air are most likely one of his special abilities. Just like the gold he created in the Vatican City, he seems to have the ability to transform anything into metal or create it from null. Just this ability alone would make him one of the strongest ability users on Earth.][You mean Hero’s Road of Vatican City. Then can Mr. Kang Shin’s ‘metallification’ power be considered a one-of-a-kind power?][It’s not just Earth. The dungeon I can enter is full of people from many different worlds, but no one had the ability to create metal like him. His ability is unique and will continue to be unique. In any case, what’s important is that these metals only serve as a medium for his true ability.]Excited, the man then went on to make guesses about my Evil Eyes and how it worked together with Dortu’s power. Surprisingly, he was pretty good at explaining everything.Finished. Kang Shin, no more monsters, on Earth. No demons either.After I turned the screen off, Daisy spoke as she flew next to me. Next to her was Meri.I looked down at the Arctic Sea. As she said, I couldn’t feel any presence of life.That was quick.Anything in sight, Kang Shin already killed.Daisy added with a small smile.Kang Shin’s nickname, god of judgement.Don’t give me more nicknames, it’ll only make be tired.I retorted brusquely and put away the phone in my hand. Daisy then stretched before putting Meri away in her inventory. Looking at her, I asked.Can you not use dimensional magic?Inexperienced.I’ll teach you, so learn it for when the dungeon’s power suddenly becomes limited.... Kang Shin will teach me?Yeah.Hu, Kang Shin is always hitting on me, sometimes pitiful.Daisy shrugged without changing her expression. I nodded and added.Don’t learn it.A man’s word is worth a thousand gold.Where are you learning these things...After sighing, I returned to the guild house with Daisy. While the rest of the country was busy relocating, the area around our guild house was especially quiet. Jongno wasn’t part of Earth’s ‘red zone’, and with Revival’s guild house being here, the district was planned to be used for ability users’ base camp.Along with other succubi, Hwaya was looking at a projection on the wall, covering the changes to the world in real-time. Ever since the last meeting, she was working nonstop without rest.The loss is going to be immeasurable. We won’t be able to save everyone’s lives, and when the land transmittance happens, countless public and private properties will be lost. Hu... To think the result of us being prepared.Just looking at the screen won’t change anything, Hwaya. Go rest.She shook her head.I can’t continue being here anyways. The succubi said Licorice will come out soon, so I’ll stay until she comes back.No, leave things to the succubi and rest. We did everything we could.We notified the world of the upcoming danger and killed every last monster on Earth. What more could we do? Use our abilities to help humanity’s evacuation? That was too inefficient.Your body is more important. Rest and make sure you’re in your top condition.But...Rest.I sighed and dragged her away. Daisy, who was looking at us from a distance, asked aloud.Are you two going to bed?I’m putting her to bed. You get ready to learn magic.Un.W-With just the two of you? No, let me be there too.We don’t do anything weird, so you just focus on getting some sleep.No.Hwaya seemed intent on not moving a foot unless I moved her. With a sigh, I picked her up. Hwaya struggled to free herself while Daisy commented on the situation.Calculating woman. Will take number of precaution.I pretended to have not heard her. At that moment, a part of the projection on the wall suddenly flickered off. It was clear what that signified.Transmittance.Hwaya, who was making a fuss in my arms, and Daisy both froze.[The transmittance has started.]A succubus reported.[The location is Japan, the scale is all of Honshu. It’s the entire area other than the part under the influence of one of the previous gates!]... Didn’t we have two months?Hwaya asked quietly. I shrugged and replied.Ciara said two months is when the transmittance will complete. ...Though, I didn’t think it’d already start.Ehew.Unlike how she was acting previous, Hwaya leaped out of my arms resolutely.Let’s go, Shin. I’m ready.Staring at Japan’s map, I nodded. With the transmittance already happening even with all the preparations we were making, I felt like going insane, but we had to make haste as much as possible. Even a single second was precious.Japan was undoubtedly only the beginning.Alright, let’s go.I immediately summoned all the members available and headed to Japan.While Japan was also carrying out a country-wide evacuation, two weeks was realistically too little time. Not to mention, the demons that appeared in Japan began their massacre immediately as though they knew what they were going into.If the appearance of the monsters was like natural disasters, the appearance of the demons was a clear proclamation of war. They had a clear goal and did not save their strength to accomplish it.After several members gathered, we teleported to Tokyo using the Return location I had set beforehand in Tokyo. All this only took 7 minutes to happen.During these 7 minutes, the number of casualties surpassed 7.5 million.[Oooooh! Wasn’t Earth supposed to be an uncivilized place? How can there be so many interesting things?][In comparison, Luka continent was too boring!][But why are the humans here so weak?]Kyaaaaak!M-Monsters![Who called us monsters!?]There was no need to look around. A slaughter was continuing in the city even at this moment, and the numerous tall buildings were crumbling down as though they were competing with each other. There wasn’t a single direction where no scream rang out.Everyone spread out. I’ll take care of this place.I announced to Hwaya, Daisy, Leon, Yua, Father, and Kain before kicking off the ground and releasing my energy fully. I was making myself known to all the demons.[What’s that?][It’s the Hero!][The Hero? Don’t joke.]The sharp voices of demons rang inside my ears. Ignoring them, I shot up into the air and began to create metallic fragments and ice fragments. To increase the number of fragments, I summoned both Dortu and Ruyue.[How can that be? It’s only been a few minutes since we came here! How can the Hero be here? In Luka continent, the Hero needed at least two days!][What kind of a Hero is he?]The fragments began to reach ground level. Most demons simply destroyed whatever they set their eyes on, but the smart ones slowly backed off while keeping their eyes on me.[I don’t know what he is, but his mana is absurd!][Weren’t we supposed to retreat when the Hero comes?]It’s too late.I murmured quietly and widened my eyes.The countless number of metals and ice received my eyes’ power and reflected them in all directions. Even if they began to run the moment I arrived, it would have been too late. With my mirrors helping me, the power of my Evil Eyes could reach far beyond the scope of this city.In an instant, all demons were petrified before shattering into pieces.Kyak!?Huk, Huuk... What just...I, I’m alive!The demons shattered for a simple reason. By using Steel’s power through the mirror, I had absorbed all of the petrified demons’ mana.I multiplied the number of mirrors using the mana I absorbed, and the mirrors spread out rapidly. Although it might be hard to cover all of Honshu, I knew the other members would take care of that.Who is that?Kang Shin.It must be him!Thank god, we’re safe now.After confirming that no demons were left alive, I led my flock of mirrors and moved to another area.[The Hero’s coming!][I heard that. Run away from...][A power like this... Kahak!]Once they saw me, it was too late to run. Tens of thousands of demons died every moment. The small number of demons strong enough to withstand my Evil Eyes couldn’t withstand being hit by mirrors being used as bullets.So many monsters all died in an instant...It was all real.Just by being here, he...I wanted to tend to the injured people, but I had too little time.As such, I ignored what the people below were saying, whether it was a plea for help, words of gratitude, or words of resentment. I moved solely to decimate the demons.It was the same for the other members. After spreading out into all directions, they fought against demons where my power couldn’t reach. It was 30 minutes later that I came to be certain that all of Honshu was cleared of demons. However, before we could clean up Honshu, Japan’s other islands underwent land transmittance. As such, we had move nonstop to combat the demons.[It’s the Hero!][Glory to His Highness the Demon Lord!]Save us!Shin-nim, Shin-nim is here!Three hours, all it took was three hours. Moving without rest, I killed all non-human targets, stealing their mana in the process.Thankfully, none of the demons that appeared in Japan were strong enough to cause trouble. But during the three hours it took to kill all the demons, Japan lost 30 percent of its population.At the same time, they also suffered a catastrophic loss in properties. But rather than worrying about lost properties, more people were simply glad to have survived this ordeal.When they saw me, they let out all sorts of screams and cheers, which I ignored completely.Shin!Hwaya, are you done?Y-Yeah. We’re done with our... Shin?What?You... What are you wearing?We gathered at Tokyo’s Return point where we first arrived at. While many survivors murmured to themselves from the distance while looking at us, Hwaya shouted at me the moment she saw me.What am I wearing? I only have a helmet. I don’t even have it on right now.Above your horn.Horn?Dortu immediately created a mirror in front of me. Seeing my face reflected on it, I tilted my head.[The moment land transmittance occurred in Japan, he appeared at the scene of slaughter. In an instant, he turned all monsters into stone before continuing on to eliminate Japan of all monsters.][Turning everything to null, he acts solely to save humanity. Some are saying he is a god created at the time of Two Moon in order to save humanity...]Above my horn, a small ring of light was spinning around. I reached to touch it, but it only felt warm and had no tactile feeling.What is this?I murmured. There was no one to answer me.Something no one knew about was happening to me.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to