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Chapter 279. Third Season (4)

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Chapter 279. Third Season (4)Training Ren and Paul was important, but Revival’s other members were just as important. Some of them were slowing down in their dungeon climbing speed, and they also needed something to prepare for if they lost the dungeon’s power.After thinking about it for a long time, I came to a decision. I was going to teach them Peruta Circuit.Peruta Circuit... The mana whirlpool that you use? That thing!?You already have a mana cultivation method, so I guess you might not need it, Lebuik.No, I want to learn it! Let me learn it!It’s fine. Just focus on the one you already have.I shouldn’t say this as someone who mastered Peruta Circuit at only 22 years old, but it took a long time to learn Peruta Circuit. Without Peruta’s continuous instructions and, though I’m a bit embarrassed to say this, my talent, I would have needed twice or thrice the time I spent.For those with already excellent mana breathing technique and mana cultivation method, learning Peruta Circuit might do more harm than good. Good examples were Ludia, who used to be a princess of an empire, Daisy, who didn’t need to learn anything, and Ren and Paul, whom, as crown princes, must have gotten the best training from a young age.So here is the list of people who will be learning Peruta Circuit from me.Hwaya Eleni Mastiford, Kang Yungoong, Shuna Aren Lihita, Illina Alexandrovna Mikhalova, Kang Yua, Minami Violet Sumire, Edward Walker, Sophie Brightman, Laz Michel, Ilayda Van, and Ciara Kenex.When Ye-Eun saw the list, she spoke dejectedly.Hiing, I’m not here.You’re already learning one from Duca.But there are seven competitors here. I can’t be the only one excluded...Wait, seven? Tell me who they are now. You just included two people that you shouldn’t have!Owwwwww!When I was punishing Ye-Eun, someone else raised his hand. It was Leon, who had confused face.Friend, can I not learn that thing? Or is there a special reason I’m excluded?Yeah, Leon. You’ll be learning from someone other than me.I made a mischievous smile.There’s a sunbae who’s perfect for you.There’s someone like that!? Why didn’t you tell me earlier!? Hahaha!Because you needed to be a First Dungeon explorer to meet him.Ah, I see! Now that you mention it, I only became one last week!In truth, he was already extremely quick. Him being a Gold rank explorer of the First Dungeon meant that he had broken through 80 floors of the Second Dungeon. I made a bitter smile and asked Leon to wait. Father also asked me.Didn’t you say you couldn’t teach it to other people?I did, but not now. I mastered it enough to teach other people. That’s why I’m willing to teach it.That’s great, but I won’t need to learn it. I’ll break through my limits on my own.I thought you’d say that, Father.I took out Father’s name from the list without regret. Suddenly, there were only two guys left. When I glanced at Michel just to be sure, he smiled.I’ll gladly accept your teaching. If I’m not doing well, please punish me accordingly.Don’t worry about it too much, Michel.Michel probably said that half as a joke, as he flinched at my serious response. I didn’t go easy just because the person I was teaching was older than me. It was entirely possible that more people would join Ren and Paul’s thrashing phase.Will it be okay, Shin-nim? You’re already so busy.Sumire knew that I didn’t yet master the technique I displayed in front of her. Her reaction was completely justified. Still, I replied confidently as I stroked her head.It’s fine. As you know, I improved while teaching you. I’m sure there will be something I can learn while teaching Peruta Circuit to others.Plus, when the demon race conquered Oceania, I realized I couldn’t be the only one progressing. When I first made Revival, what I had in mind was an elite group that could overwhelm any foe. Now was the time to make everyone stronger.I’ll need to engrave Peruta Circuit’s mana path. I’ll do that individually. I can’t give everyone one-on-one lessons, but I’ll check up periodically and give advice. I’ll do my best so that everyone can one-day master Peruta Circuit.Thank god I’m not on the list...!Even thinking about it gives me chills. Crown Prince doing his best...!Ren and Paul hugged each other and trembled. I snorted and vowed to do my best for them too.After safely telling everyone my plan and getting their agreements, I set up appointments with each of the ten people who would learn Peruta Circuit. Then, I took Leon to Fairy Garden.[Prince-nim is here!][It’s Prince-nim!][Ah, he brought someone else.][I haven’t seen him before!]Ooooh! This place is amazing! How beautiful!As soon as we arrived at Fairy Garden, nearby elementals greeted us. Although Leon couldn’t see them, he could detect the magical light they were emitting. Seeing the assortment of colors produced by the elementals, Leon exclaimed in awe. To me, he looked like an old man from the countryside who came to Seoul for the first time.Friend, if there was a place this beautiful, you should have brought me earlier!It’s not a place anyone can get into. I had to get permission from you too.I’m touched! I’m really touched! I haven’t felt this way since I first felt mana!You use too many exclamation marks! Anyways, follow me.Leon couldn’t take his eyes off the elementals, so I had to drag him to Lin’s workshop. When we neared it, we could hear a noisy hammering noise.Oh? He’s working today too?For someone like Lin who hated work, he was working recently to a worrying degree. I tilted my head and kicked open the door to the workshop. Lin shouted as if he knew we were coming. He still had a hammer in his hand.Argh, just wait a bit!Lin was striking a small cylindrical metal. I immediately knew what it was.Lin, are you making a gun for Leon?I didn’t even ask him to. He was doing it out of his own will! Lin began hammering again as he gave us a glance.Is that him?Hey, dude! Nice to meet you, I’m Leon Pepper! That’s a handsome horn you got there!You sure use a lot of exclamation marks. Wait a moment. Let me finish this real quick.Lin seemed to have liked Leon’s compliment, as he grinned and went back to work. Meanwhile, Leon looked around the workshop and continually let out awe-struck remarks. If I could live like Leon, my life would be filled with happiness. I stared at him absentmindedly as I thought about something.Hu... Okay.Did Lin get a satisfying result? He picked up the cylindrical metal brimming with magic power and nodded approvingly. Then, he turned his head towards us.Leon Pepper, was it?Yes. What should I call you?Lin.Lin! That’s a cool name!Lin grinned and took out a cigarette before giving Leon an offering gesture. Leon nodded immediately, then received the cigarette Lin threw at him.I don’t usually give my cigarettes out to other people. Consider it an honor.Hahaha, I’ll remember it!When Leon tried to take out a lighter, Lin smirked and lit the cigarette in his mouth without moving a finger. When Leon saw it, he also put his cigarette in his mouth, and as expected, it lit up. Leon widened his eyes and murmured with the cigarette in his mouth.What an enviable ability...This is the first time you said something without an exclamation mark, and it’s about lighting a cigar?Unlike you, Kang Shin, he knows what’s good. Oi, let me see.He reached out to Leon. Leon tilted his head and grabbed Lin’s hand. Lin then placed his index finger and middle finger on the back of his hand and closed his eyes. Question marks rose up on Leon’s face?... He was right. You really are like me.After a while, Lin murmured quietly as he opened his eyes. His expression carried an interest that didn’t exist before.Just what kind of a place is Earth? It has someone like Kang Shin, and now someone who has a similar ability to me. Interesting, it’s really interesting.So how is it?Lin seemed to be hesitating about something. When Leon grinned, Lin shrugged.Good. I can use him to ignore the women bothering me.That’s not a very pleasing reason.What floor are you on?Leon replied immediately.I’ve only been in the First Dungeon for a week! I’m on the 54th floor now!You advanced from the Second Dungeon? If you climbed three floors in a week, you aren’t all that bad... Good. Do you want to learn from me?I’m always welcome to learn, Friend! Learning is what makes someone human!How am I your friend? Well, it’s fine. Ah, I haven’t told you what I’ll be teaching.Lin let out a last puff of smoke from the cigarette in his mouth, then threw the cigarette into the air. He then took out a small handgun and shot it.A huge explosion bloomed.We’re in Fairy Garden, Lin!Don’t worry. I built it sturdy.Lin retorted lazily and put away his handgun, but I felt like I could see an enraged Loretta running over. Leon, on the other hand, was riled up.Your ability really is similar to mine! No, it’s even more amazing than mine!Hmph, so you’re at least good enough to see that. Let me cut to the chase. I hate people without talent and people without work ethic. I’m teaching you since Kang Shin recommended you, but if I don’t like you, you’re out. If you’re okay with that, I’ll lend you my help.He stared at Leon.You want to give it a go?Leon faced him directly and smiled. His face full of confidence never felt so reliable.Take good care of me, Friend! We’ll be seeing each other for a long time!Leon and Lin seemed to have something going for them. Was it because they were both smokers? I tilted my head, but if their personalities matched, that’s all that mattered. I nodded approvingly and spoke to Lin.Lin, there’s something else I want to request from you.Lin put on a dumbfounded look.Do I owe you something? How can you make a request so confidently?My accessories are all broken. Please, Lin. You’re the only person, no, draconian, I can trust!That’s because I’m the only draconian you know... W-What’s this!? None of them are even remotely intact!Even as he complained repeatedly, Lin accepted the accessories. Then, after examining them one by one, he screamed. He truly was a master craftsman!Really!? I shouldn’t have agreed to help this guy... Kuk, come back in a week!Thanks, Lin!Go away!Lin really was kind! I gave him a thumbs up while Leon snickered from the side with widened eyes.Just like that, I successfully connected Lin and Leon.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to